* Thanks again to all those that supported our Club Event on June 10th. 

We had 13 Drivers and over 22 boats.

 Here are the classes we ran and the Winners.

FE Cats 1st Place : Todd Soltero

Stock Monos 1st Place : Michael Cinquegrani

Thunderboats 1st Place : Ron Buck

Jersey Skiff : Richard Sekigawa

Crackerbox : Richard Sekigawa

Fe Hydros 1st Place :

Gas Sport Hydros 1st Place : 

Another fun day at the Park. Look forward to the next event, tentatively scheduled for  

Sunday August 26th 2018

Thanks for all your support!

The Park has required for this year that all users of the lake be NAMBA members and must join the club and purchase a key.

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The SCSTA race that was listed for later this month on the schedule as being on Saturday August 25, it actually is scheduled for Sunday August 26. The schedule has been updated to reflect the correct date. 

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Membership Rules



*All users of the Lake must be NAMBA members and are now required by the park to have purchased a key.

1. Park closures will be posted on this website We will try to keep you informed. It is your responsibility to check. **

2. Equipment “UNLOADING,” not parking, is permitted inside the gate. After dropping off equipment you must move your vehicle outside the gate. This is a park request. 

a. The only time that parking is allowed inside, is during a District Race or a Club Race where a permit has been pulled for the event, or special park permission. 

3.  Handicapped parking inside the gate is available with “State Tag” or plates ONLY.

4. No drinking or smoking is allowed in the park.

5. We are all responsible for “Self-Policing” i.e... spectators and non NAMBA members. Please be polite with your directions.

6. If you’re the last to leave, please make sure all equipment is clean, put away and locked up. And our area clean and litter free.

7. Please don’t leave personal things in lock up area as it is crowded enough in there already.

a. Only things left in the lock up area  should be brooms, water hoses, and general things for cleanup.

8. Due to Safety and Liability problems, there will be no electricity available at the receptacles, unless there is a “Permit” pulled from the park office. 

9. Lastly, if you are the last “key” member to leave the facility, you must lock up the equipment and all gates. Non-key members are not allowed to stay. Violators will lose their key privileges.


I agree to comply with all the rules listed.  And failure to do so will be grounds for removal from the club, and the R/C area of the park. Any private use of the facility must be approved by the Legg Lake Committee.

Thank You

We Love the Park, Let’s Help Keep It    �


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